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The Charleston Warriors make the cut and debut in the Premier Episode at 10pm EST. Join us in Charleston, SC at the June 13 Premier Party!
	Local Charleston Obstacle Race team interviewed by Charleston NBC New Channel 2 for Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge tv show. NBC interviews Stephen Paul Siraco, Stephanie Keenan, Elea Faucheron and Adam Von Ins.

by Evan West, Charleston NBC News 2

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. – NBC’s newest show Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge debuted June 13. The obstacle course challenge pairs four people with an elite athlete, with some of those “athletes” being former competitors on America Ninja Warrior.

Seven episodes were ordered for the first season, with four Lowcountry residents making an appearance in one of the episodes (although they were absent from the first).

Stephen Siraco and Stephanie Keenan were first seeked out about the opportunity to be featured on a network show.

“I said, Stephen, I’m doing this. Do you want to it with me,” said Stephanie. “And he said of course so then our next challenge was to find a male and female.”

Enter Adam Von Ins and Elea Faucheron, another couple who consider themselves excellent athletes.

“I would say we were both probably really nervous, but we felt like we were ready,” said Faucheron. “Although we had no idea that we would be up against the most against the most amazing american ninja warrior athletes and some of spartans top athletes.”

Tune in every Monday at 10pm on WCBD News 2 to see when the “Quad Squad” will be featured..


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June 30th @ 8-10pm
Charleston Warriors
Episode Party

Join Charleston Warriors Von X & Tank, LIVE for their NBC debut in Episode 4: Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge!

This is a free event. Party starts 8pm.
Charleston Warrior's episode 9pm June 30, 2016
@ Wild Wings (Oakland Market), Mt. Pleasant SC.

This event is solely operated by the Charleston Warriors and Wild Wings. It is not affiliated in any way with the show or NBC.

Von X (Adam Von Ins)
Locale: Mount Pleasant, SC

Super Power: Deploys Jazz Hands in an X-Wing pattern reaching Turbo Speeds Down Hill

With a diverse Entrepreneurship background, Adam is now authoring Bad Ass After 40. His program re-wires the brain. Making change easy so you can squash stress with your pinky. All while restoring your youth and doubling your energy.

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Tank (Elea Faucheron)
Locale: Mount Pleasant, SC

Super Power: Has one speed & plows through anything without slowing down. . .ever!

After a 12-year adventure with Adam owning two Action Sports companies, Elea is now a certified Life Coach. Using her MOVE THINK SMILE technique, she specializes in helping entrepreneurs be more productive, navigate when overwhelmed and Bounce Back from Burnout.

Learn More About Curing Burnout & Move Think Smile.

Sleeper (Stephanie Keenan)
Locale: Mount Pleasant, SC

Super Power:  Fools competitors with her “smile” then blasts past them.

A Navy veteran and ex-fitness competitor, Stephanie stopped chasing skinny and started coaching. She now helps women get fit without sacrificing life with her programs SK-Fit and The AthELITE.

Learn More About The AthELITE

Beast (Stephen Siraco)
Locale: Mount Pleasant, SC

Super Power:Strong like Bull & Bear had baby.

Currently active Coast Guard & Spartan SGX Certified Trainer, Steve loves long walks down the beach. And if there isn't one around, he simply moves houses and makes his own beach.

Learn More About Training for Your Next Spartan Race

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